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cold brew teas

Our mission is to create natural drinks while doing our best to take care of our planet.
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about us
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who are we?

Who are we?

Our small, Indianapolis based troop works tirelessly to source natural and responsibly grown ingredients for all of the beverages we create. We want to produce high quality drinks in small batches that are not only refreshing, but include natural benefits that can potentially reduce inflammation, provide helpful antioxidants, improve your mood and beyond.
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what we offer?

What we offer?

We are consuming a product that comes from the earth, so we want to do our part to give back. This is why we select easily recyclable and reusable packaging and donate a portion of our proceeds to 1% for the Planet. As we grow, we will continue to look for ways to have as little impact on our environment as possible by reaching our lofty goal of becoming carbon negative.
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where we source?

Where our tea comes from?

We strive to source single origin tea from areas that have been producing tea for centuries and to produce a product that highlights its natural flavor profiles
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All our products are

Premium Grade Leaves
Filtered Water
Natural ingredients
1% for Planet
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